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Hank Titus

Police Law Enforcement Instructor Training in Los Angeles
Police Law Enforcement Instructor Training in Los Angeles

Hank Titus

Hank Titus is a Marine Corps veteran where he served as a FAST (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team) team leader and Infantry Squad Leader.

Graduating first in his class at the Marine Corps Security Force Training Battalion with the class high shooter award and a meritorious promotion.

Hank deployed to MCSFCoEUR Command (Marine Corps Security Force Company Europe/Africa). There he lead teams on diverse missions including military base RAM (Random Anti-terrorism Measures), maritime VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure), Phoenix Raven aircraft security and shipboard anti-piracy missions.

When not on mission Hank worked with and trained more than 10 nations special forces including participating in the first two Phoenix Express operations in the Mediterranean Sea. 

After two years overseas in Security Forces Hank transitioned back to the infantry at Camp Pendleton deploying with 2/4 Echo Company, which specialized in helicopter insertions, on the 13th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). After returning from the 13th MEU he was assigned to 1/1 Alpha Company, specializing in amphibious AMTRAC insertion, on the 31st MEUSOC (Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable) also out of Camp Pendleton.

Upon leaving the service Hank now operates the Point Mugu CCS (Combat Convoy Simulator) which provides convoy training to active and reserve military, law enforcement and government agencies.

CALIFORNIA P.O.S.T Certifications

Tactical Rifle Instructor

Firearms Instructor Tactical Handgun

Red Dot Pistol Instructor


Military Training Highlights

School of Infantry

Security Forces School

Jungle Warfare Skills School

Non-Lethal/ Riot Control Courses

AUC Course (Advanced Urban Combat)

MOUNT Courses (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain)

Red Death Combative Training Course

HRST Training (Helicopter and Rope Suspension Techniques)

MCMAP Brown Belt (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)


Recent Civilian Courses

Certified FAA Flight Instructor

TORIS Rapid Threat Incapacitation graduate

Solutions Group International High Risk Dignitary Protection

TYR Medicine, Combat Medical Course 

TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

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