As Senior Rangemaster and Chief Firearms and Tactics instructor for the Santa Paula Police Department, his responsibilities for the last 22 years include firearms training and tactics, range qualification and less lethal training to all police officers including the SWAT and Sniper Teams on a monthly basis.

Dave Manning has been a use of force” instructor for over 30 years.
He was the Vice President of Training for the California Rangemasters Association.
The CRA is a no-profit organization dedicated to improving firearm training standards for peace officers, and providing opportunities for law enforcement firearms instructors to test and evaluate new training methods, safety equipment, ammunition and less-lethal impact munitions.

Over that time he has concentrated his efforts in combining lethal with non-lethal force options to provide law enforcement officers with the tools that they need in their service to the community.

In 2008 he was invited to be a guest instructor at the 28th Annual Training Conference of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors





He holds several black belts and is currently studying IAIDO (Traditional Japanese Samurai Sword Martial Arts) and SHIN SHIN MUGENDO (Traditional Japanese Mixed Martial Arts). He recently graduated a 200 hour Yoga teacher training and is currently enrolled in a 300 hour Yoga teacher training. He teaches both Yoga and Martial Arts regularly.






He started the Tactical Firearms Training Institute as a formal training center for law enforcement and civilians.


As you can see from the following instructor ratings he is well versed in all use of force options. To date he has over 2500 hours of certified instructor and armorer ratings.

Master Pistol Instructor

SWAT Instructor
FBI Sacramento/POST (2016)

Master Firearms Instructor
I.A.L.E.F.I (2011)

SWAT Training Safety Officer
CATO  (2015)

P.O.S.T Certified Firearms Instructor:
Fresno Police Department (2014) 1520-21740-14-001
Santa Paula Police Dept. (2009) 1072-21640-09-001
SLO County Sheriffs Dept. (2008) 2440-2164-07-001
Rio Hondo College (2004) 4410-21640-04-001
FBI Los Angeles (1999) 9670-21640-98-002

P.O.S.T Certified Tactical Rifle Instructor:
Burbank Police Department (2009) 1150-3211-09-001
Burbank Police Department (2008) 1150-3211-08-001
Morgan Consulting (2004) 1990-31801-03-004

P.O.S.T Certified Simunition FX® Instructor:
Huntington Beach PD (2005) 4170-21821-05-001
Huntington Beach PD (2002) 4170-21821-02-001
California Specialized Training Institute (1998)

P.O.S.T Certified ASP Expandable Baton Instructor:
Golden West College (2000) 2060-33573-00-003

S.T.C Certified Tactical Handgun Instructor
Standards and Training for Corrections (2008)
Program #1269-043763

Certified Less Lethal Munitions Instructor:
Defense Technology  (2014)
Armor Holdings (2001)
MK Ballistic Systems (2001)
Royal Arms International (1999)

Advanced Taser Instructor:
Taser International (2006)

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor:
Glock Inc. (2003)
Glock Inc. (2000)
Glock Inc. (1997)
Officer Survival in Low Light Conditions Instructor:
Surefire Institute (2002)

Certified Firearms Instructor:
John Farnam Defensive Training International
Affiliate Instructor (2005)
DTI Affiliate Instructor Concealed Carry Handgun (2003)
DTI Affiliate Instructor Patrol Rifle (2002)
DTI Affiliate Instructor Advance Handgun (2001)
DTI Affiliate Instructor (1999)

Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor:
NRA Law Enforcement Training Division
Patrol Rifle (2002) Tactical Handgun (2000)
Sniper Precision Rifle (2000)
Police Sub Machine Gun (1999)
Tactical Shooting (1996)
Handgun/Shotgun (1996)
Patrol Rifle (1996)
Long Range Rifle (1996)

Training Counselor – Instructor National Rifle Association (1995)

Certified Black Belt & Black Belt Instructor:
Shin Shin Mugendo
Tae Kwon Do (1990)
United States Tae Kwon Do Union

Factory Certified Armorer:
Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols (2008)
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Rifles (2007)
Colt M16/AR15 Rifles (2003)
Colt M16/AR15 Rifles (2000)
SIG Arms Pistols (2005)
SIG Arms Pistols (1999)
Glock Pistols (2015)
Glock Pistols (2003)
Glock Pistols (2000)
Glock Pistols (1997)
Mossberg Shotguns (2005)
Mossberg Shotguns (2001)
Springfield Armory M1A (2005)

Certified Rangemaster & Chief Range Safety Officer:
California Rangemasters Association (2009)
California Rangemasters Association (2007)
California Rangemasters Association (2006)
California Rangemasters Association (2004)
National Rifle Association (2002)
National Rifle Association (2001)
National Rifle Association (1998)

California Board Of Corrections Certified Courses Presented:
Tactical Handgun Instructor Course (2008)
Tactical Handgun Instructor Course (2003)

Other Courses Attended:
Police Training Consultants (Ron Frigulti)
Critical Incident Management Course (2007)
SWAT Emergency Response (2007)
High Risk Entry Course (2007)
Tactical Firearms Instructor Development Course (2004)
SWAT Instructor Course (2004)
Basic SWAT Course (2003)
SWAT In-service (2002)
SWAT Sniper/Observer re-Certification (2002)
Advanced Sniper/Observer Course (2001)
Basic Police Sniper Course (2001)
High Risk Entry Course (2001)
Firearms Instructor re-certification (2001) (2010)

American Firearms Training and Tactics
Advanced Sniper Course (2001)

HSS International
Urban & Rural Sniper/Counter Sniper Training (2000)
Advanced Sniper School (2000)

Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Tactics/Covert and Crisis Entry (2000) POST #2060-33575-00-003

San Bernardino Co. Sheriff’s Department
Advanced Vehicle Stops (2007) POST #2330-20831-06-002

National Rifle Association (Life Member)
California Association of Tactical Officers
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors California Rangemasters Association
Ojai Valley Gun Club Public Shoot Day Chairman; Board Member

Current US Passport
Vice President of Training, California Rangemasters Association
NFA Firearms Permit & Federal Firearm License holder

California Department of Justice Dangerous Weapons Permits:
Assault Weapons Short Barreled Shotgun/Rifle Destructive Device Machine Gun

Match Director:
Proskopathlon -”The Ultimate Sniper Test”
Keneyathlon -”The Ultimate Hunters Test”

Team Captain:
SOF 3 Gun World Championships




Dan is currently the assistant rangemaster for the Santa Paula Police Department. Dan graduated from the Ventura County Police and Sheriff Academy class . He was ranked number one in marksmanship, academics and critical incidents and received several awards, including the “Top Gun” marksmanship award. He has an extensive background in firearms training and has trained with many of the top firearms instructors in the country. He has firearms instructor credentials from POST, Defensive Training International and Tacfire. He is a member of the California Rangemasters Association (CRA) and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI). He has also trained in To Shin Do Ninjutsu both in the US and Japan.  At age 57 Dan just graduated the 2 week SEB SWAT School. He is the SNIPER Team leader for the Santa Paula Police SWAT Team.

Professional Experience
Certified Ordnance Technician – The Boeing Co. – 1987-1999
Member, International Society of Explosives Engineers
Member, Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
20 Years experience in design, development and test of advanced weapons systems, missile systems, explosives and ordnance devices
Education Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and has completed post graduate courses in Engineering and Business disciplines from Harvard, Columbia and Cal Tech.

Firearms Instructor Ratings
Santa Paula Police Dept. (2009)  POST Rangemaster/Firearms Instructor (POST # 1072-21640-09-001)
Burbank Police Department  POST Rangemaster/Firearms Instructor (POST # 1072-21640-06-001)
Burbank Police Department (2008 & 2009) POST Patrol Rifle Instructor (POST # 1150-32112-08-001 & 1150-32112-08-001)
Senior Staff Instructor -  Tactical Firearms Training Institute
California Rangemaster’s Association– Tactical Revolver Instructor
Certified Affiliate Instructor – Defense Training International
NRA Range Safety Officer

Firearms Related Memberships & Associations
National Rifle Association (NRA) – Patron Member
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)
California Rangemasters Association (CRA)
NRA Institute for Legislative Action

California Rifle & Pistol Association

Taser International – Factory Certified Advanced Taser Instructor

Factory Certified Armorer

Smith&Wesson M&P 15 Rifles
Remington Bolt action rifles
SIG ARMS Pistols

DTI – Defense Training International
Advanced Defensive Handgun
Defensive Urban Rifle
Defensive Handgun Instructors Course
Certified Affiliate Instructor Course
Urban Rifle

Police Training Consultants, LLC
Basic SWAT School
Sniper Training Seminar
Advanced Sniper

Trident Concepts, LLC
Combative Pistol I
Shooting on the Move -
Pistol Strong Hand Only
Technical Combative Pistol Combative Carbine I
Shooting on the Move – Carbine
Advanced Combative Carbine
Close Quarters Fighting

Operational Skills Group – Contact Defense, LLC
Improvised Weapons
Advanced Edged Weapon

Defense Security Operations Inc.
Florida/Utah CCW Mandatory Training
Close Quarters/Night Defense
Precision Rifle

Shooters Edge Inc.
Tactical Handgun

Progressive FORCE Concepts
Carrying Concealed Firearms (CCW)

Secret Security Clearance – 1986-1995

Martial Arts Training – To Shin Do Ninjutsu – Red Belt    

Firearms Related Memberships & Associations
National Rifle Association (NRA) – Patron Member
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)
California Rangemasters Association (CRA)
NRA Institute for Legislative Action
California Rifle & Pistol Association


Chad Peplinski has been an active martial artist since 1991. He achieved his first black belt in 1995 and has been teaching karate ever since. During his years of training, he has several systems of Karate as well as Aikido and Judo. In 2004, he began training at Tacfire and realized that the type of firearms training that was offered was an extension of things he was already learning and practicing.

Chad graduated from the Ventura County Reserve Academy as part of Class 2008-01.  He received the Monahan-Myers Award by graduating as the overall top cadet.
He is Currently employed with Santa Paula Police Department. Chad is the designated breecher on the Santa Paula Police SWAT Team.

Firearms Instructor

Santa Paula Police Dept. (2009)  1072-21640-09-001 POST Certified Firearms Instructor
Assistant Staff Instructor Tacfire Tactical Firearms Training Institute
Affiliate Firearms Instructor Defense Training International, Inc
Tactical Revolver Instructor

Martial Arts
2nd Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate -
5th Degree Black Belt Shinshin Mugendo Karate -
Assistant Instructor Nobutake Strap Baton
Instructor Santa Barbara JKA

California Rangemasters Association
National Rifle Association (Lifetime Member)


 Traci received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UCSB
She has a Master of Fine Arts from San Diego State University in Speech Pathology.
Traci earned he first Black Belt in Tan Soo Do in 1990. She also holds a 1st degree black Belt in Shotokan Karate and a 2nd Degree Black belt in Shinshin Mugendo Karate. 
 Traci has been a staff firearms instructor at Tacfire for over 5 years specializing in teaching the Womens Defensive Handgun Classes.

Post Certified Firearms Instructor; SWAT Team Member (Santa Paula Police Department); Masters Degree in Business; SIG ARMS Master Pistol Instructor

Hank Titus is a Marine Corps veteran where he served as a FAST (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team) team leader and Infantry Squad Leader. Graduating first in his class at the Marine Corps Security Force Training Battalion with the class high shooter award and a meritorious promotion Hank deployed to MCSFCoEUR Command (Marine Corps Security Force Company Europe/Africa). There he lead teams on diverse missions including military base RAM (Random Anti-terrorism Measures), maritime VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure), Phoenix Raven aircraft security and shipboard anti-piracy missions. When not on mission Hank worked with and trained more than 10 nations special forces including participating in the first two Phoenix Express operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

After two years overseas in Security Forces Hank transitioned back to the infantry at Camp Pendleton deploying with 2/4 Echo Company, which specialized in helicopter insertions, on the 13th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). After returning from the 13th MEU he was assigned to 1/1 Alpha Company, specializing in amphibious AMTRAC insertion, on the 31st MEUSOC (Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable) also out of Camp Pendleton.

Upon leaving the service Hank now operates the Point Mugu CCS (Combat Convoy Simulator) which provides convoy training to active and reserve military, law enforcement and government agencies. In addition, Hank continues to expand his skill base with select courses that uniquely expand the level of training he is able to bring to civilian classes. He employs a systematic approach focusing on the integration of mindset, biomechanics and a mastery of the basics.
Military Training Highlights
School of Infantry
Security Forces School
Jungle Warfare Skills School
Non-Lethal/ Riot Control Courses
AUC Course (Advanced Urban Combat)
MOUNT Courses (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain)
Red Death Combative Training Course
HRST Training (Helicopter and Rope Suspension Techniques)
MCMAP Brown Belt (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)

Recent Civilian Courses
TORIS Rapid Threat Incapacitation graduate
Solutions Group International High Risk Dignitary Protection POST Course
TYR Medicine, Combat Medical Course - TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

Jean-Louis de Bien
  has been with us for almost 10 years. He started in the ranks of students and has taken every class the we offered. His willingness to help others and strong desire to further the craft has helped mould him into one of our best instructors. He excels in helping the struggling students with patience and a firm grasp of teaching the fundamentals.  He holds Instructor Certifications from the NRA, California Rangemasters Association and Tacfire. He also holds several BA degrees from CAL State Long Beach. Jean-Louis recently obtained his brown belt in Hojitsu-Ryu: Martial Arts of Shooting.


Professional (Medical):
New York State EMT
City University of New York, Queens College, BA 1977-81
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, MD 1981-85
UCLA-VA Hospital (Wadsworth), 1985-86
LA County-USC Neurology Residency, 1986-1989
Board Certified in Neurology, 1991
Private Practice Neurology, Office and Hospital Based 1989-current
Law Enforcement:
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, S/R Deputy, 1996-current
Firearms Training, Trauma and Tactical Med Schools:
CRA Patrol Firearms Techniques and Tactics, 2000
Tactical Shotgun Instructor, 2001
NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor, 2002
PTC Basic Sniper Observer, 2004
PTC Tactical Firearms Instructor, 2005
NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor, 2006
SWAT – Basic Tactics and Medicine, 2007
Advanced Tactics and Medicine, 2007
Advanced Combat Medical Course, Naval Base Ventura County, 2008
Military Medicine Updates TCCC, 2008
Officer Survival and Field Tactics, 2009

Atewaza 2


Jeff Learned has earned a B.A. in English at UCLA and a M.A. in English Literature with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition at CSUDH.  But his main focus is martial arts.
He has trained in martial arts for 43 years with an emphasis on self defense rather than tournament style fighting.
He has been a student of Ben Otake, the originator of Shinshin Mugendo for over 33 years and has practiced Iaido, the Japanese sword, for the past 18 years.
In addition, Jeff studied Judo for 12 years and was a national competitor in this art during the mid ‘70’s.
Wishing to continue his training he has practiced various other fighting forms in order to incorporate aspects of these arts into his methods.
1st degree black belt with IKA
2nd degree black belt with Kokusai Budoin (IMAF)
5th degree black belt in Shinshin Mugendo with Ben Otake
3rd degree black belt in Aikitoho Iai (Nishio style)
5th degree black belt in Soshoryu Shinheihodo Iai
1st degree black belt with USJA

Our Mentors and Teachers 


Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics Instructor

Mr. Nichols has over 25 years experience as a professional Firearms Instructor, with over 20 years as a Law Enforcement Instructor. He is internationally noted for his innovative and pioneering work in the planning, development and implementation of realistic law enforcement firearms training programs. In addition to being a published author, Larry is a charter member and current President of the California Rangemaster Association, and held the appointment of Region 7 Training Representative from 1994 to 1997 for the International Association Of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Larry is certified by Federal, State, National and Internationally recognized Institutions as a Use Of Force, Less-Lethal andLethal Force Instructor. He has provided specialized firearms training for several thousand Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement officers. Mr. Nichols is also recognized as an expert witness by municipal, state and federal courts, anda factory certified law enforcement weapons armorer. Mr. Nichols began his firearms training in 1963 withthe United States Marine Corps, where he earned instructor ratings with several military small arms, and is a decorated combat helicopter Vietnam veteran.

MILATRY DECORATIONS AWARDED Strike/Flight Air Medal w/#1 Combat Aircrew Wings w/3 stars Vietnam Service Medal w/4 stars Vietnam Campaign Medal w/device Good Conduct Medal w/1 star Presidential Unit Citation > National Defense Service Medal Rifle Marksman Badge Pistol Sharpshooter Badge INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATIONS: FIREARMS * Federal Bureau of Investigation *Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department * Santa Rosa Training Center * California Rangemaster Association * National Rifle Association * Defense Training International, Inc. * State of California * Sigarms Academy * Singleton International * Glock Incorporated * Smith & Wesson Patrol Rifle * Heckler & Koch, Inc. Submachine Gun

INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATIONS: USE OF FORCE * Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department * Federal Bureau of Investigation * Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department * Defense Technology Corporation of America * Sacramento Public Safety Center * South Bay Regional Public Safety Training * Sigarms Academy * International Law Enforcement Training & Consulting, Inc. * Ripp Restraints, Inc. * San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department * Confrontational Simulation Instructor

ARMORERS CERTIFICATIONS: FIREARMS * Remington Arms Company, Inc. * Sigarms Inc. * Glock Inc. * Orange County Sheriff-Corner Department * Smith & Wesson Academy * Strum Ruger & Company, Inc. * Beretta U.S.A. Corp. * O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. * Colt’s Manufacturing Company * Heckler & Koch, Inc. * Fred Haller & Associates * Para-Ordnance LDA ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR TRAINING * Sigarms Academy * Glock Perfection * Saddleback College, California

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS * International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (I.A.L.E.F.I.) 1991-1997 – Appointed Regional Training Representative (Region 7) 1994-1997 * National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) – Life Member Since 1978 * California Rangemasters Association – Since 1982, Current President * Police Marksman Association * California Association of Tactical Officers – Since 4/6/2001 * American Society For Law Enforcement Training (ASLET) Since 2001

MILITARY SERVICE * United States Marine Corps 1963-1971 * California Army National Guard 1973-1983

LAW ENFORCEMENT HISTORY: * Police Department 1984 to Present Rangemaster/Instructor/Armorer * Orange County Sheriff’s Department 1979 to 1984 Deputy/Instructor/Armorer * United States Marine Corps Military Police 1963 to 1971 – Final Top Secret Clearance



Ronnie J. Frigulti is a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran having served as an infantry platoon and company commander in Vietnam, 1968-1969.
He has a BA degree in Public Administration and a MA degree in Criminal Justice.
He retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent with Twenty-five years service in the Los Angeles Field Office.
During his career with the FBI, he served on the Los Angeles FBI Swat Team for fifteen years where he was a sniper, sniper team Leader, and Assault Team Leader.
He was certified by the FBI as a firearms, defensive tactics, and police instructor for twenty-two years. He was appointed as the Principal Firearms Instructor for the Los Angeles FBI Field Office and served in that capacity for seventeen years until his retirement from the FBI.
Mr. Frigulti directed the Los Angeles FBI Police Training Unit that was responsible for the tactical and firearms training of agents as well as instructing local law enforcement and the military.
He conducted classes in firearms, defensive tactics, chemical agents, physical fitness, officer survival, Swat, and other related tactical courses.
In 1996, he was certified by the FBI as a Master Police Instructor.
He was a California certified POST Police Instructor and NRA Police Firearms Instructor.
Oregon State DPPST has certified him in the State as a Police Instructor. Upon retirement, he has continued to provide training to law enforcement and military personnel. He now resides in central Oregon with his wife who is a Special Agent with the FBI and his dogs.


My primary occupation, through my company, Defense Training International, Inc. is lecturing and conducting instructional courses in defensive firearms for police departments, civilian groups and others throughout the US and overseas.
History After graduating from Cornell college with a BA in Biology, I entered the US Marine Corps Officer Candidate Program. After being commissioned a Second Lieutenant, I was sent to Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader. For the next fifty-one days, I was involved in heavy fighting and was awarded three Purple Hearts. I served the remainder of my active duty time in the United States, training Marines. I remained in the Reserves and went on active duty several times per year until I retired in 1987. My branch is still infantry, and my rank at retirement was major.
I have been a police officer since 1971, when I joined the City of Elroy Police Department as a patrolman. I am presently a fully commissioned deputy sheriff (Training Officer) for the Park County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office.
I have written articles about defensive shooting and defensive tactics for several magazines, including: Police Marksman American Handgunner Combat Handguns Guns and Ammo Sokdier of Fortune I have also written two books: “The Street-Smart Gun Book”, published by The Police Bookshelf of Concord, NH. “The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning”, published by FAS, Inc. of Kirkland, WA. The thrust of my training programs is the encouragement of safe, responsible, and effective use of modern firearms in self-defense.
I was awarded the prestigious “Tactical Advocate of the Year” title by the American Tactical Shooting Association (ATSA) in June, 1996. The presentation was made at the conclusion of the Sixth Annual National Invitational held at the Gunsite Training Center in Paulden, Arizona. Summary of Formal Education:
American society of Industrial Security, Current Terrorist Tactics, 1982. US Army Command andGeneral Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 1980. National Rifle Association, Certified Police Armorer, 1980. American Pistol Institute, Practical Defensive Handgun, 1979. National Rifle Association, Certified Police Firearms Instructor, 1977 to present. US Army Infantry Advanced Course, Ft. Benning, Georgia, 1977. Illinois Department of Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics, 1977. Western Wisconsin Technical Institute, Associate Degree, Mechanical Engineering, 1975. Wisconsin Department of Health, Certified Emergency Medical Technician, 1975. Wisconsin Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Search and Seizure, 1974. US Marine Corps Institute, Land Mines, Explosives and Demolitions, 1972. Western Wisconsin Technical Institute, Basic Police Certificate, Certified Police Officer, 1971. Wisconsin Department of Justice, Narcotics andDangerous Drug Enforcement, 1971. US Marine Corps, Officer Candidate School, Basic Branch Qualification Infantry, Commissioned Second Lieutenant, 1968. Cornell College, Iowa, BA Biology, Chemistry, 1967.
Certificates Held:
NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor,
Special Purpose Low-Lethality Anti-Terrorist Munitions (SPLLATM-ASI) Manodnock PR-24 Instructor
Glock Pistol Armorer
Colorado State Board Private Occupational Credential for Security Services
Professional Memberships:
Police Marksman Association Distinguished Experts
National Forensic Center
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
National Rifle Association