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CCW "Concealed Carry Concepts"

Concealed Carry Concepts meets all the required hours for the Ventura County CCW initial course certification.

You will learn:

How to draw from a concealed holster and shoot the qualification course. At the end of the class, you will take the written test required for the Ventura County Sheriff CCW.

Things to bring:

  • All handguns that you want to have on your permit (Limit 5)
  • 100 rounds per gun.
  • Range safety gear.
  • A holster for each gun that is specifically made for that gun.


  • Initial CCW Certification $500 plus $25 per each extra gun
  • Renewal CCW Certification $350 plus $25 per each extra gun
  • One gun is included in each course already.

TACFIRE Classroom

1315 East Main Street, Santa Paula CA 93060
TACFIRE Range is private and located in Santa Paula also.


The TACFIRE Staff have been doing CCW certification for the Ventura County Sheriff for 30 years. They are highly qualified and are made up of Retired Police and Military officers. Please contact us with questions and please seek our advice prior to making any purchases for this class.

Carry Concealed ( CCW ) - Initial Course

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