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Rifle Marksmanship and Sniper

P.O.S.T # 1430-21640

Rifle Marksmanship and Sniper Course

California POST Control Number 1403-21640

Each Participant Must Fill Our Register Form and Send To Us by Email at

Rifle Marksmanship and Sniper
P.O.S.T Course Control Number 1403-23020

Topics to be covered include:

  • Final Firing Positions

  • Rifle Accessories & Ammo

  • Data Book/Training Documentation

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Field Equipment Selection

  • Ballistic App. Basics

  • Optical Sight Utilization

  • Making a Range Card

  • Qualification/Training Courses Fire

  • Range Safety

  • Effective Spotter Support Techniques

  • Zeroing and DOPE Recording

  • Proper care and cleaning

  • Sniper Team duties and responsibilities.

  • Low Light Conditions

  • Internal, External and Terminal Ballistics

Training will consist of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and live fire drills. Students are expected to have a better than average ability to manipulate their assigned weapons in a safe manner.


This course complies with the legislative content and mandates of AB 392, SB 230 and PC835a

Each student is required to bring the following equipment to the course:

  • Precision weapon system (5.56mm or .308) capable of 1 moa @100 yards accuracy or better.

  • Rifle sling and bipod

  • Data Book

  • Shooting mat

  • Field Notebook

  • Range Finder

  • 200-400 rounds match grade ammunition

  • All SWAT callout gear

  • A magnified optic with external elevation/windage knobs

  • Drag bag or rifle pack

  • Binoculars and/or spotting scope

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Weapon cleaning kit

  • Range clothing appropriate for weather conditions

  • Handheld flashlight

Recommend gear:

Tripod with adaptors for binoculars and rifle.

Knee and elbow pads.

Backpack for gear and as a support for rifle.

To successfully complete this course and receive a certificate, each student must:


  • Demonstrate safe weapon handling under all conditions at all times.

  • Demonstrate above average weapon handling and marksmanship skills.

  • Demonstrate above average knowledge of their weapons systems.

  • Have the appropriate equipment.

  • Failure to have above may be cause for dismissal on first day.

  • Turn in all required assignments

  • Pass the shooting proficiency course of fire with 100% accuracy and no safety violations (Three attempts allowed)

  • Pass the final written exam with 80% or better


FEE $750 Payable to: Tactical Firearms Training Institute Inc.

Payment by credit card or check is required a minimum of 30 days in advance of first day of class. Nonrefundable, if student cannot attend class the tuition will be put towards future classes.

Advanced Payment required.

Start time is 0900 in the Classroom:

We suggest the following hotels:

Courtyard By Marriott Ventura

2055 E. Harbor Blvd., Ventura CA, 93001



Hilton Garden Inn Oxnard/Camarillo

2000 Solar Drive, Oxnard, CA, 93036,


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